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Ill never forgot how sad this place was...piece of me will always stay there...the atrocities

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2414 days ago

Ill never forgot how sad this place was...piece of me will always stay there...the atrocities


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dtprovchy 2389 days ago

I cannot remember where this one is at..

Ghost_Hunt_GAC 2393 days ago

OMG that was a wicked place and yes very sad so many bad things happened there

CeciVR 2406 days ago

oh yeah! Pennhurst! that place has a major history i must say! and looking adorable as always! ^^

ShawtyMaynee 2407 days ago

i love that episode.

AMERICANWOLF74 2409 days ago

I bet it is a sad place. It seem like that in the epsiode! I would never forgot something like that either!

Luci_L 2409 days ago

Really amazing that the sadness was so evident during the episode. I felt it. Don't know if I would want to go there....

raicheal1013 2410 days ago

really scary at the time!!

raicheal1013 2410 days ago

haunted and some of the history is dark. My uncle had cerebral palsy and lived most of his life in a PA state school, although as far as I know not at Pennhurst. When this episode was on some very strange things happened here and some of it was actually r

raicheal1013 2410 days ago

Pennhurst was an awful place! When my mom was in nursing school she had a clinical day there & was just horrified at the care; there were rows & rows of adult men wearing diapers in cribs!! Also, I should preface this with the fact that my house is haunt

yeamadisonyea 2412 days ago

*forget ;)

vampieconfessor 2413 days ago

this is a weird ass place but totally good episode it was

rukalove65 2414 days ago

very freaky place. but my fave episode ever!!!!

cindyjscott 2414 days ago

such a sad place.

GAC_LOVER_13 2414 days ago

that place was freaking freaky i even got chills watching that show!!!!

Atrobel 2414 days ago

The story about the teeth being removed, that happened here in the UK too. I look after 2 women in care who had their teeth removed in hosptial for biting and it was cheaper than getting a dentist for the patients.

ADGable 2414 days ago

How awesome that it's in my neck of the woods. Isn't Pennhurst scheduled for demolition sometime pretty soon?

BMXBrandon03 2414 days ago

So true. You always wonder how society & humans can treat others so badly!! --Cody

bansheekat 2414 days ago

To me, it was the best episode of GA that I've seen. It was also very heartbreaking to see the patients treated terribly and living in those horrible conditions.

Brittanie 2414 days ago

You really have a way of choosing locations that are more than just showy scare makes us/you think...thanks for that...

Brittanie 2414 days ago

I can only imagine. Just watching left me w/ such a lingering feeling...did research afterwards. Cried many tears for the vulnerable innocents so grossly & cruelly taken advantage of by the ones that should have been their caregivers, their voice! You rea