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DEALWITHEET 2441 days ago

if it's a trap shold be on pranked =D

God8996555 2442 days ago

Looks cool......but will it work with out killing anyone, or shorting out the entier city?

Ropun_TSD 2442 days ago

Wierdly shaped, if you ask me.

CharonTheShadow 2442 days ago

You can have wire on your board of wood! And skulls! And more skulls! And fire! :3

AQW_Datshadow 2442 days ago

Looks cool =D

tsukiyomaru0 2442 days ago

Motivator mode:
"Improvising skils: May help you in the most difficult situations"

ForsahenAQW 2442 days ago

Looks like a bunch of fencing swords epically failed...

pmk138_AQW 2442 days ago

Is that going to be added into Friday's release? :P

WilfreAE 2442 days ago

No....The question is....WHERE'S WALDO!?!?

Bramman111_0001 2442 days ago

The question is; will it work without killing someone or setting something on fire?

Avgg_AQW 2442 days ago

xD, thats great!

GriefAE 2442 days ago


Silllerrrr 2442 days ago

+1 building skills.