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Making macros for some of the stage demonstrations.

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1901 days ago

Making macros for some of the stage demonstrations.


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lettucehate 1894 days ago

first letter* doesnt look narrow on the top (like L, A, I, J). btw why are these even in english? is this just a teaser for english players? idk if jps are doing demo's for vanafest also

lettucehate 1894 days ago

im not sure what this might be, havent tried any of these Photoshop tricks, but it doesnt look like the second letter is large, maybe 3rd or 4th. i dont think Atomos or Stoneskin, 2nd letter looks rounded on top, and Lakshmi looks possible, but first lett

Lolredranger 1895 days ago

Atomos, maybe?
Someone said it looks like Stoneskin, I was thinking maybe if it is a summon, Alexander, same length, and word shape... maybe.. lol
azriellthewise, you don't need the quotes around single words in a macro
You can have /ma cure , but you

Tsuzee83 1895 days ago

Definitely looks like /ma followed by some 6 letter word. After much work in photoshop I can't get the image to clear up anymore. I put it up on my photobucket(Tsuzee) if it helps anyone.

ZonpaZippa 1896 days ago

Since when did that fool Karuha-Baruha have pupils? My Cardians are clearly superior to his foolish beasts.

chocoboberetplz 1897 days ago

Don't let this photo put you into a fix! It's just these silly dev's and their dirty tricks. You summoner's are just looking way too hard! Make yourself useful and go level bard.

zachecho 1898 days ago

I tried to photoshop some macro windows of my own, and Lakshmi doesn't quite fit. Whatever it is, seems to start with a G or O or something rounded, and it looks like 6 letters. I stopped trying....for now

Kap66 1899 days ago

Looks like "/ma Stoneskin " thats my guess too.

azriellthewise 1899 days ago

The shape of the word "Lakshmi" is certainly similar to that of the word in the pic. The one thing I can't make out are the quotes that would be around the spell/summon. Perhaps they're there and I just don't see them, or perhaps it was an oversight

zachecho 1900 days ago

/ma Lakshmi < me >

It's an old esper, if you type it in in-game it's the same length, and it matches the letter heights

TwilightSea 1901 days ago

Summon macro? I seriously doubt it. There are no new summons. SE fucking lied.

MaachaQ 1901 days ago

Really looks like a summoning macro, I was at fanfest 2 years ago when they said we'd be getting more than 1... maybe for real now?

Philjitsu 1901 days ago

short to be < t > , and looks more like < me > , was cut out from post below :3

Philjitsu 1901 days ago

well last bit looks to short to be , looks more like at the end. And I agree with sevokevo looks like /ma at the start! /ma "new summon" ? s1= summon1?

ShadupJoe 1901 days ago

Target looks like . It's too short to be and too long to be .

sevokevo 1901 days ago

Looks like it is /ma so it is a spell!

rofldrg 1901 days ago

Hope its new stuff for DRG or DNC. If it's more useless emotes of bell commands I quit.

zachecho 1901 days ago

/ma Stoneskin ...?

Luckymarlin 1901 days ago

In game windower :

Cellsplitter 1901 days ago

First it was /bell now we get /drum.