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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

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Mardi Gras! Galveston, TX, USA.

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1621 days ago

Mardi Gras! Galveston, TX, USA.


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Sandalbar 1617 days ago

See that scicle shape on the far right of this photo. That is where Big Reef used to be: We suckered them in and they got IKED!

Cybot2010 1618 days ago

Good Galveston pic.But I hope you take a pic of my hometown Washington DC!

potdom 1620 days ago

nagy buli lehet ott most

Crispixel61 1620 days ago

Amazing!Do you use a special type of camera?

rhpueschner 1620 days ago


_PedroBorquez 1620 days ago


aymcorp 1620 days ago

I have been here in Galveston many times for fishing!

Lapswood 1620 days ago

That's a really great view. I was in Galveston in '97 on holiday. Then I saw what Hurricane IKE did to the place in 2008. The power of nature is awesome!

javamanmonk 1620 days ago

Used to be in New Orleans, go figure, nice pic Soichi.

NamikoF 1620 days ago

..good afternoon sir;-)
Feb 17, 2010(Wed.) 04:09 am JST

lOlilOli_pOp 1620 days ago

* * * i cannot wait to mirror it again & again * * * i love all of them of earth * * *

javymoyano 1620 days ago

ohh bro is awesome...!

ultimaterelaxer 1620 days ago

awesome photo, thanks!

DDMeyers 1620 days ago


DDMeyers 1620 days ago

Now, THAT'S what I call a room with a view! I am inspired by your perspective & thoughtfulness to stop and share your experience with we, the Earthbound. My family and I blow you kisses of thanks! We shall "pass forward" your act of kindness & spirit of

clebertsuconic 1620 days ago

You should take a picture of Rio at night today or tomorrow. It's a much better Mardi Gras over there: if you could take one from here : :-)

alexguitz 1620 days ago

nicce picture

wickedburn 1620 days ago

I would like to post these pics on my facebook. It would be great if I share it to my world! Please continue on posting pictures. and I will continue on dreaming to go in space someday! ^_^
and please take a picture of the Philippine island

destinysagent 1621 days ago

Thank you for sharing your amazing view! :-)

nasu_kazu 1621 days ago