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Aaaand the answer is.... ?!!?!

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2295 days ago

Aaaand the answer is.... ?!!?!


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JSketches 1845 days ago

argh, brain hurts....i think know the solution but it might be wrong D=

Joshuax_AK 1857 days ago

Math? *runz*

nico0lasaqw 1928 days ago

Ah school, what COULD we do without it

Shinenight123 1951 days ago

we did co-ordinates but a bit easier...

ShadowMaster999 1986 days ago

I am glad I'm in high school O_O

nerdsage 1991 days ago

it looks like a step up from the math im doing in school

BonBonBoi_AE 2013 days ago

Wow, even an asian (me) can't figure this out...

Dexxy_Aqwurldz 2068 days ago

OMFG RUN ITS THE MATH!!!! *runs like a car*

kinzvlle 2285 days ago

math? *runs*

Velvex 2285 days ago

Also the Y intercept according to the equation is 4. On the graph it looks like it is about .8

Frosty_AQW 2285 days ago

First of all, this problem doesn't seem to make sense. "f(x)" means Function x. So f(x)=y is just like saying x=y Unless y is a fuction as well, it makes no sense.

TheTrevorCake 2285 days ago

.......... my brain hurts, Im not tryin this again... o_o

Velvex 2285 days ago

I know, I was saying what the g meant. g(x) is one term, don't think of it as just g. Together they are f(x) which is basically y. Unless I'm just reading this wrong xD I haven't done this type of math in years also

TheTrevorCake 2285 days ago

I just trying to figure out what G is. :/

TheTrevorCake 2285 days ago

Im trying to look for what each variable means. Like, X is for the X axis of the graph, while y is for the Y axis of the chart.

LightningZStar 2285 days ago

Forteh TWO

Frosty_AQW 2285 days ago

is a nerd.

Frosty_AQW 2285 days ago

Math ftw.

TheTrevorCake 2285 days ago

So.... -1/2?

Velvex 2285 days ago

g(x) Is just another way of saying f(x) Any variable can be used in place of the f