I draw things sometimes and sometimes they are good

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2487 days ago


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bengray_ 2466 days ago

yep it is :P

_CrazyInLove 2466 days ago

This is Justin aswell. right? its pretty amazing :]

bengray_ 2469 days ago

thank you :D

AsLongAsIBelieb 2469 days ago

wwwooow man..u r soo good..i got the exsact hair!! and the way he smiles..somtimes..UR SO GOOD!!

bengray_ 2469 days ago

rite ill follow you and you DM me and say 'Hayley williams' and ill get it done :D

ItsCoraWhoa 2469 days ago

Duude this is brilliant im begging you do this for me, draw a picture of Hayley Williams from Paramore, or just Paramore please please for me.

bengray_ 2469 days ago

yeah :/ haha thanks :D

meganmattie13 2469 days ago

woww this is justin rightt! its amazing

bengray_ 2486 days ago

Haha "HOLY CRAP BATMAN!" that made me laugh XD thanks :)

JBiebers_World 2486 days ago

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! I am sooo jealous I wish I could draw like tht! (= This is amazing!

bengray_ 2487 days ago

thank you :)

JDBnews 2487 days ago

Wow you got his hair perfectly! :) i wish i could draw like this!