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A strange sight in the All Star West lockerroom

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2415 days ago

A strange sight in the All Star West lockerroom


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eroxone 2255 days ago

Kaman: "Is this shirt to yellow?"
Dirk : " No.."
Dirk: "whats curious george like in real life?"

ddritzenhein 2291 days ago

Dirk Looking Sharp

eamline 2291 days ago

is that Dirk?

patriotbirdman 2409 days ago


timmratt 2413 days ago

Oh yeah, any of you guys ever tried to put on cuff links by yourself ??!!

MexiGuerita 2413 days ago

It was just a humanitarian effort to make sure his team mate was well dressed!!! LOL!

Treymour 2413 days ago

Is Chris's shirt and tie from the Dwight Schrute collection?

middletree 2414 days ago

It's Arlington, not Dallas!

beamoore61 2414 days ago

Love Dirk and Nash and....well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

fredess 2414 days ago

"O'Doyle Rules"

chadridgeway 2414 days ago

We brahh-daaahs.... identical twins, as you can see.

brandonmorrow 2414 days ago

2 white nba all stars is definitely a strange sight! 3 of them on the same team was even weirder!!

stvco 2414 days ago

Whew! it isn't Greg Oden's junk.

ObiWanKobe203 2414 days ago

luke i am your father, now lets get you ready for the game.

aequitas009 2414 days ago

forget the cuff links.....Whats with the bottle of lube and the towel!? LMAO!!

antz_6 2414 days ago

Help me pls,Am I goog looking.hahaha

DeLaNate 2414 days ago

This reminds me of Joker helping Pyle with his uniform in Full Metal Jacket.

meng_zhou 2414 days ago

lol first time allstar chris really needs dirk's help

kentut_ 2414 days ago

so easy a german can do it.

craigsender 2414 days ago

I'm just a caveman, I don't understand your "Cuff Links"