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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Beijing, China. Can you see the Olympic studium?

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2417 days ago

Beijing, China. Can you see the Olympic studium?


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robinsonfmr 2411 days ago

En el próximo viaje estas fotos las tomaré YO....Que pena que no es verdad....

Philkae 2412 days ago

That lake looks like a serpent --or am i imagining it !

FreeBra1n 2412 days ago

Yesm AWESOME!...Any pic of the Winter Olympics?... Does Shaun White produced a shadow?... A little higher and he becomes an astronaut!!!

felipepdoac 2415 days ago

I would love to do what you do....

rhpueschner 2416 days ago


sukigfx 2416 days ago

Yes, I can see ^^ Amazing!

javymoyano 2416 days ago

yes absolutely ... i can .

pablombs 2416 days ago

Yes I can! Great!!

d_vivek_anand 2416 days ago

Yes i can see it , beautiful snap

my_amulet 2416 days ago


marcalanspiteri 2416 days ago

yes i can see the stadium near the bottom and the swimming complex across the road to the left!

charlie_nunez 2416 days ago


tinnitus000 2416 days ago

Yes. I can. It's very clear view.

xxkoumexx 2416 days ago

Yes! ここまでアップで見れるのですね♪ すごい★

LeonardoRuz 2416 days ago

deberia poner una foto de chile :)

Checkmate_TVXQ 2416 days ago

Yes! I can see!

NamikoF 2416 days ago

"good evening" ;-)
Feb 16,2010 13:55p.m.JST

greenpost 2417 days ago

Olympic studium Beijing, China 左右10kmぐらいの範囲ですね。ズームでどれくらい寄れるのでしょうか? Google Map

eternap 2417 days ago


Niteowl009 2417 days ago

I dont see it! Aww. Very beautiful symmetry, though.