Nurses Who Kill...


COMEDY - An odd-couple pair of nurses redefine care-giving as they right the wrongs done to their clients with surgical precision.

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@thekevinsmith @southwestair - South West SUCKS! Cartoon. Hope you like =) #kevinsmith

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1522 days ago

- South West SUCKS! Cartoon. Hope you like =) #kevinsmith


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emanpain 1520 days ago

Great cartoon

WagTheFox 1520 days ago

Ha. Kudos to Robert Hensley on a very good, very funny cartoon

woodea 1520 days ago

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about!! The airlines MUST be stopped....Sorry Silent Bob!

Eriesisgod 1521 days ago

So sad... poor ...

CardiacKid67 1521 days ago

Thats not Kevin's twitter name, its ThatKevinSmith

Pretty funny!

GetThePhukOv 1521 days ago

Silent Bob is the voice of the Voiceless

tiedyedtehuti 1521 days ago

Outstanding! Very funny.

NursesWhoKill 1521 days ago

Thanks guys please RT and share... We feel it says it all. Go Team KoKo!

Jason31480 1521 days ago


OnlineBigot 1521 days ago

Love it! I would not be surprised to see such gauges appearing at airport gates across the country. It's the smart thing to do.

anarchyreloaded 1521 days ago

LOL that´s funny!

KevinConte 1522 days ago

That is too funny. F--K SOUTHWEST!!

NursesWhoKill 1522 days ago

UUGHHHH total apology for wrong twitter's

giovedea 1522 days ago

Amazing! And so true!

RHodg32 1522 days ago

Love it and thanks for the RT ... :)

TheBaubShow 1522 days ago

Empathy and understanding.