Colette Butler


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tpstar621 1881 days ago

aww so cute ♥

MickeyTheReal 1888 days ago

AWWW so so cute

Rosasars 1907 days ago

haha so funny lol

Flammingsunset 1919 days ago


madz33333 1943 days ago

aw soo sweet :)

IishGabby 1944 days ago

LOL My dad got my mom the sames flowers/vase/card! Cool! :)

TARAntulaTara 1949 days ago

My boyfriend got me a playstation 3- he knows me too well.

Sarah5421 1950 days ago

Those shoes are so cute..

Dan4SCTroy 2004 days ago

poor mommytard needs some meat on her bones. Damn DaddyTard, leave some grub for her!!!!Hey, I'm serious here!!! lol

LayzEdd 2054 days ago


wow that is love

MommySqured 2055 days ago

Awwww Katilette Shay is sooo sweet! You have a wonderful husband and kids,can't wait to see the new little tard! Have a greast day!! Sending love from the south

VALBUENA_ 2059 days ago

loving the teddy bear!!

SammyxCool 2059 days ago

hey mommytard are u sitting on the table again

VBabinDesign 2059 days ago

cute shoes!
Never going wrong with a pair of cute shoes for a lady!

jemmahicks1 2059 days ago

awh how lovely!

arkady35 2060 days ago

So Shay got you: flowers, a bear, a card and a new set of feet with shoes? WOW!! I thought I did good with just some jewelry.

missus_moon 2060 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwww :'-S

kirstyelaine 2060 days ago

awww how sweet♥

mystical_fire1 2060 days ago

I really love the shoes.

emmeliemelody 2060 days ago

That's so cute of him! You got a wonderful husband! =D