music gumbo moves me......hip rock, funk and soul, gonna watch this party grow, let's go!!!!!

There's nothing like the boys and daddy makin cake....why bother bakin it?

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2293 days ago

There's nothing like the boys and daddy makin cake....why bother bakin it?


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G_Mac_Extreme33 2276 days ago

Too cute :D lovin the Buzz Lightyear outfit haha

rawarrior 2287 days ago

Just like home! :D

Wisechild8 2288 days ago

uh !at least none of there diaper is wet again

_JesusFanatic_ 2290 days ago

By the way, I'm 19 and batter-licking is still my favorite part. ;) Really cute picture! Thanks for sharing, Toby.

_JesusFanatic_ 2290 days ago

HaHa! That's what I was about to say ! Moses and Marley may be twins but they don't look that much alike. :) Marley is the little princess. I'm guessing Truett is out playing basketball . . . or ploting his spot on Toby's NEXT record. ;)

diversegirl 2292 days ago

Left to right-->Judah,Moses,Leo (Marlee is the only girl easy to spot her) Does this help? But I still wonder where the big brother is (Tru)?

jheyward1 2292 days ago

Cool! Who's who? I can't tell Moses and Marley apart :'(. Judah, Moses or Marley (see previous) and Leo? I think? Ya. Yummy. Only thing better is brownie batter

thesheehanfam 2292 days ago

Pure joy!

lilmjo 2292 days ago

"To infinity...and beyond!"

majermom1965 2293 days ago


DaisyPJs63 2293 days ago

Did ya do the clean up too?!

DanaCretilli 2293 days ago

Awesome!! Looks like they enjoyed the batter!!

sarahisawriter 2293 days ago

Ha-ha...How sweet! :)

AnnaBelle68 2293 days ago

Um.... looks like you were having wayyy to much fun! LOVE IT!!!

diversegirl 2293 days ago

Did the cake make it to the oven? Where's Truett?

shinesobright 2293 days ago

so cute!! & cake batter is the best. I have some of the best memories w/ my parents that involve cake batter&cookie dough

Rockermom1 2293 days ago

priceless - these are the moments we never forget! enjoy the family time, be blessed!

csexton 2293 days ago

Looks like my house, only add about 10 years to the kids! Still doin' it that way:)

janee_pup05 2293 days ago

The one on the left reminds me of how my son eats stuff out of a bowl! That's to adorable!

ebrown03 2293 days ago

Awwww this is so adorable! (And I LOVE the Buzz Lightyear outfit on the left!)