i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Murder City Devils reunion was off the motherfrackin' chain.

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1934 days ago

Murder City Devils reunion was off the motherfrackin' chain.


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alenchufar 1864 days ago


AddyX_MCR 1873 days ago


MCR3127 1879 days ago

Hopefully, the twins adds to how many Mini MCR members there'll be. :)

paramorexxi 1880 days ago

is it a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy or girl and boy??

paramorexxi 1880 days ago

is it a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy or girl and boy??

saoxfi 1881 days ago


escava_vamp 1891 days ago

Naww Fwankie you and Jamia's babies are gonna be sooo cute :D Congratulations and hugs!

WildEyedJokers 1897 days ago

congratson the twins!!!xD im so happy 4 u guys. it wud b funny iff wen all the little mcr kids grew up they started a band t
like their awsome parents. I LUV U FRANKIE!MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 4EVER! WE'LL MISS U BOB! congrats again. you'll make a great dad.

MichelaChan 1899 days ago

Really congratulations! =D

keirchris100 1899 days ago

Congratulations on the twins!! Stay cool!

victorie_mor 1900 days ago

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! i fell so happy 4 u, they gonna be so pretty like mom and dad! Congratulations again!

mariaumcr 1902 days ago

Wow...¡How small is the world! I never thought Frank`s kid can be Twnis...I have one, I mean, I´m twin with my sis Majo, but she´s really diferent to me in both respects OMG! Twins, They´ll be famous like his father and sooo pretty like both that I know..

SanguinarioDa2 1902 days ago

Dang dude! Congratulations! hehe now there's gonna be two more Frank's running around in da wurld! i wish the best to both of u and you're babies!!! :)

Little_Killjoy 1902 days ago

congratz for your babys!!! teach them how to play music like you please hehe gratz again!

Psicotics 1903 days ago

Why bob leave the band??!
Who is playing drums there?!! ¬¬
i want Boooob T-T
i miss him!!!

CerisexfoU 1903 days ago

OMG!!!! is AMAZING your twins is a beautiful blessing really. My babies beautiful (my brothers) are twins and are my life whole. good luck to you and Jamis and the whole world at your health twins....
with all the love of a fan my best wishes to Mr. an

fallenangelmoi 1903 days ago

geez we need mcr back in australia that would make my decade you guys are so above and beyond xo

XxLiveRightxX 1904 days ago

:d Cool! We love you MCR!!! - most of my friends (the cool ones) :D

rey_lagartO_way 1904 days ago

ohh frank eres la ley tocando lira jee queremos nuevo disco

Carli_Loves_MCR 1908 days ago

boaahhh we love my chemical romance :DDDDD ♥
:marli & carli