Thomas Lennon


Lt. Dangle, Member of The State. Old Fashioned Guy.

I am never wrong.

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2184 days ago

I am never wrong.


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catjungle 2164 days ago

What said.

LemiaBelus 2184 days ago

John Kerry was a great president. Just think of all the horrid things that could have happend if G.W.Bush would have been elected. (from the desk of the universe of alternate choices with identical options)

RealSillyPutty 2184 days ago

the wink indicates sarcasm?

jasbonilla 2184 days ago

You fly ass motherfucker

judie_hairchik 2184 days ago

more importantly, what's going on with your left eye?

charliepaulson 2184 days ago

...that's because you're not a diebold electronic voting machine in ohio.

justinsreality 2184 days ago

Way to jinx him, buttfartpoop...head.

Sans_Diego 2184 days ago

Not true. That tie is nothing but wrong.