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Getting fluids.

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2442 days ago

Getting fluids.


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Gilamonster11 2442 days ago

Despite all else, you guys threw down last night brother sounded awesome!!

SummergirlSteph 2442 days ago

awww poor you! hope ya feel better soon!

ohmeitsdanielle 2442 days ago

Damn dude. That's got to suck major balls! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

christinabeexx 2442 days ago

i hope you feel better soon.!

KeemoRN 2442 days ago

I guess Lactated Ringers will work too

EDodgeCayman 2442 days ago

Oh my! Wow, they sure got you guys covered though. lol.

gatorgirlmissy 2442 days ago

OMG! Hope u feel better real soon!

CHeathBAR 2442 days ago

Yikes...Hope the fluids help & your feeling better soon! Wishing you an early Happy Valentine's day, President's day, & Chinese New Year.

KeemoRN 2442 days ago

I've been a nurse for 9 years...I hope you are getting at least 1000 ml of normal saline infused..just sayin :)

StacyGardell 2442 days ago

I hope it's helping you feel better!

dontdoit77 2442 days ago

Hope you get better soon!

JanStL 2442 days ago

Hope the fluids help Barry and that you feel better soon, it's got to suck to be sick and on the road

Rock_On_SD 2442 days ago

holy shit, dude...feel better!!!!!!!!!

MDLlifeisgood 2442 days ago

Sorry your feeling so crappy Barry! You all need a break. Well wishes coming your way. Get better! :)

caitlyngp823 2442 days ago

bummer :( feel better! nj will be praying for ya :)

Gregs_Girl 2442 days ago

AWW i hope u get better soon!

AleAle83 2442 days ago

:( get better soon! lots of love your way :)

malinsmusic 2442 days ago

oh no :-( hope it helps you! stupid you cant just stay at home when you're sick :-( hope you're feeling better really really soon! love from germany!

NancyLKent 2442 days ago

Hang in there Barry! I had the stomach flu last week. Not fun!

Momperella 2442 days ago

OMG! My poor baby! I'm sicky too, if that makes you feel any better. I'm at the doctor right now. :(