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Dr. Peabody and Dr. Laungani twittering from OR 25 on during the live twitter surgery #twOR

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2202 days ago

Dr. Peabody and Dr. Laungani twittering from OR 25 on during the live twitter surgery #twOR


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Viduya13m 1478 days ago

mjr0 Hi take a look at Look013.com

Citril 2181 days ago

The thigh bone's connected to the knee bone ....

furukama 2192 days ago

Great shot! There really should be an album of people twittering in different job contexts.

8q 2194 days ago

Now that is some awesome Twurgery!

supermyers 2194 days ago

A step closer to Gary Larson's street surgeons

HenryFordNews 2194 days ago

The physicians twittering weren't the ones touching the patient. Safety was not compromised.

illuminato 2194 days ago

Aren't there more germs on keyboards than toilets? Hey Drs., make sure to scrub well after twittering.

rking27 2194 days ago

I also thought it was going to be a patient tweeting during surgery...I guess I'm sick like that too.

coldacid 2194 days ago

That's totally TweetDeck, with the default colour scheme.

magnetize 2194 days ago

Relieved to read henryfordnews clarification:-) Cheers, I was a bit worried...

leejarvis 2194 days ago

Wow, yeah that's crazy. Amazing how Social Networking is affecting lives and learning in incredible ways!

kinmar 2194 days ago

He's clearly viewing the Human Anatomy page on Howstuffworks.com

marioremedios 2194 days ago

That's crazy! Yes, Twitter could be addictive.

Infosourcer 2194 days ago

So docs were Tweeting other docs on surgery procedures?Remind me not to call these guys up

dwayne 2194 days ago

i was hoping for a patient taking pictures of his own surgery, but i'm just sick like that

ik_ 2194 days ago

Are you sure this is not a HowTo page from eHow?

GsMaverick 2194 days ago

Lol, hey guys next step? Crowd-sourced medicine!

CouchSurfingOri 2194 days ago

*phew* @ least it's not the patient w/ an Iphone having his internal organs being operated on while tweeting.

leocomerlato 2194 days ago

That looks like !