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Backstage w KIPP founder Dave Levin

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1927 days ago

Backstage w KIPP founder Dave Levin


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manoel_phill 1741 days ago

it is must be Brazilian

manoel_phill 1741 days ago

o.O 2+2=5

Bizi 1839 days ago

2+2=5 и ниипет хДД

BrunoEgoavil 1910 days ago

yo kiero el polo 2+2=5 ^.^!

austinsaeger 1914 days ago

i think its 4. BILL FOLLOW ME PLEASE

miwahei 1915 days ago


Thejadelord 1919 days ago

Backtracking ...6N-N,12N-N,18N-N...

Thejadelord 1920 days ago

Or you could use a formula like N+6N,N+12N,N+18N,on the 5,11,17 // 7,13,19, strings to weed out the multiples(N being a + member of the string...(Hint-Stay positive).Personally I like the cone approach;everything can be made to line up.

mghazli 1921 days ago

nooooooooon 2+2=4 ..

lidiazuin 1921 days ago

Thanks for reading George Orwell.

Thejadelord 1922 days ago

Wrap the string of numbers around a cone so 5 aligns with 35.use this segmented circle to determine all the multiples of 5 in the series and flag.Use a larger circle on the cone to align 11 and 77 and so on.Simple.

AnOracle 1922 days ago

my facebook: visit Victoria Rachel A-chieng Jalango and experience KIPP at its finest lol!

Thejadelord 1923 days ago

So given the series -1 X: ...-7,(-1),5,11,... if N positive and a member of the series then:5N,11N, etc..hence the need to multiply by -1... got a divider handy?

Yeltsin_Nicolas 1924 days ago

WOW Bill :D

earthcenter 1924 days ago

This is wrong..2+2=4....;-) or 1+ 1 =>>>11

Thejadelord 1925 days ago

Hmmm... and ...(-5),... and ...(-6)...

Thejadelord 1925 days ago

But what of the case of -1 X: ...(-4),2...

Thejadelord 1925 days ago

-1 X:...-39,-33,(-27),-21,-15,-9,(-3),3,9,15,21,27,(33),39... Asymmetrical symmetry - go figure

Thejadelord 1926 days ago

-1 X: ...-32,(-26),-20,-14,-8,(-2),4,10,16,22,28,(36),42... 4 = 5

Diana__Cho 1927 days ago

2+2=55 ... Improvements in efficiency... It's Bill's way :)