Dwight Howard


After the ring!

takin orderssss @mcdonalds #howdoyoumcnugget?

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2387 days ago

takin orderssss #howdoyoumcnugget?


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MESSY_TEDDY 2385 days ago


Its_Lil_Momma 2387 days ago

The Guy On The Right Looks Like He Wnts To Tke a Bite Of YOUR McNugget! Lol

cherruff 2387 days ago

Stop teasing with that sexy dancing!I wish you would be my chocolate shake!

choosen2009 2387 days ago

so funny

Crowderpeas27 2387 days ago

I love it... at least you look hot in the uniform! :)

KayTease32 2387 days ago

no offense 315 but barkley just did a taco bell commercial n that crap is way worse in my opinion!

KayTease32 2387 days ago

arent u glad u can ball... that cud b ur 9 to 5 instead of a million dollar photo op...

315Ness 2387 days ago

Yea this better be for Haiti relief or something cuz athletes don't eat McDonalds. Let's not have them supporting Heart Disease......but I guess endorsement money talks and bullshit walks.

iAmbella_ 2387 days ago

i don't eat Mcdonalds often but i'd def.ly be there to get something to eat . haha #howdoyoumcnugget

HST239 2387 days ago

Haha people can't read the menu behind you !

cherruff 2387 days ago

Sorry about sending my contact info to your uncle.Didn't know you had a girlfriend

cherruff 2387 days ago

That's cute.HAHA

blsdnbeautiful 2387 days ago

I'll take a large fry, small oreo mcflurry, and YOU {{to got please}}!!

cmjoker 2387 days ago


ronron128 2387 days ago

your too big to work at mcdonalds LMFAO

FastLaneMasonry 2387 days ago

My Howard, I'd love to hook up your house with some custom stone, maybe a waterfall or out door kitchen. you can see my work at www.fastlaneconstruction.com

brownprideNV 2387 days ago

I will take a D-12 with a shake please

AlenaChad 2387 days ago

whatever i order, I WANT IT SUPER-SIZED:)SUPERMAN!!!

KUSHCLOUDZ 2387 days ago

gotz 2 hav me sum sweet'n'sour sauce #whenimcnugget !!!!

FastLaneMasonry 2387 days ago

can I get some free frys?