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Snuggle Bear, Armored Snuggle Bear, Heart Sabre 10 and Big Daddy Pet 10!

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1526 days ago

Snuggle Bear, Armored Snuggle Bear, Heart Sabre 10 and Big Daddy Pet 10!


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AQWUser 1526 days ago

is the pink one the female form of Snuggle suit 10?

kiya_of_indiana 1526 days ago

I want the Snuggle Bear armor! So amusingly cute!

ZanaThirteen 1526 days ago

Sweet. I hope armored snuggle is non mem

HayIVampi 1526 days ago

I can't wait to get the Snuggle Bear costume ^^ *now with 50% more snuggle*

MrFoouFoou 1526 days ago

Omg /want the left one.

DisturbedAE 1526 days ago

/me clad 2 be a mem

Phoenixwolf_AQW 1526 days ago

I like the armored one.Betting it's member though.

ForsahenAQW 1526 days ago

Wow... big release!

DEALWITHEET 1526 days ago


RevokeranAQW 1526 days ago

Must buy armored Snuggle bear... It's so.... EPIC!

AQWUser 1526 days ago

woot, finally something that isnt pink :)
kinda reminds of CEDL somehow

BurstGB 1526 days ago

armored is so evil.... i love it

HSsai 1526 days ago

the armored bear looks cool :D

VampireMax 1526 days ago

Mama Mia!!! That's just.... Can't discribe how much... I LOVE them! ;D

CheeseyAE 1526 days ago

IMO the blue armor kinda defeats the purpose...

CheeseyAE 1526 days ago

/me wants.

HiImBeef 1526 days ago


HiImBeef 1526 days ago

I like the...white/light pink Anuggle Bear :D

hollow_knight 1526 days ago

so cute tough i preffer the non armored one,sooo cute :3

Veya_AE 1526 days ago

Gosh, they needed to bring this aberration to AQW? i like pink and lovy things, but it is not only ugly, it is the worse class of ever in DF...