Peter Serafinowicz


Male actress and comedienne. A Billion Jokes (Volume One) is out now!

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2328 days ago


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ScotsSmiler 2314 days ago

Well you'd be hard pressed to fit more than one in that microwave ;-)

ElfLady 2315 days ago

Oh my, that is EXTREMELY sad...
but also rather hilarious...
Am I a bad person? ...
Don't answer that...

diadee 2316 days ago

i hope she didnt microwave those vegies, fruits and that little sphere of vanilla ice cream

PaulCakes 2316 days ago

Nothin says lovin like something from the Microwave Oven!

Wiitabix 2320 days ago

Ah come on... as soon as she opens the door properly, the ruddy glass'll fly off 'ejector seat' style - she should eat at a bigger table! And why bother preparing a meal, surely she can go to Tesco and get a ready made "Findus Lonely Meal For One" instead

LizGuzisAnerd 2325 days ago

wow. where can i get this book? I wonder if she cooked any hot pocket type meals.

bawwby 2325 days ago

I wonder if she did the ice cream and wine in the microwave too?

tordyclark 2326 days ago

She's wearing a wedding ring, the microwave door is open and I don't see her husband. Suspicious.

OnTheBackFoot 2326 days ago

Likelihood of cat ownership is above average.

melophiliac 2327 days ago

I'm lovin' all the comments for this book. It's bloody hilarious.

ekozlov 2327 days ago

Да, модная книга - Я и микроволновка ;-)

Major_Fry 2327 days ago

This book should be called ''suicide: for dummies''

gemmawho 2327 days ago

You can't make that many meals in a microwave that would fill up a book can you?

theonlyamaris 2327 days ago

ha ha totally sad!

rrubes 2327 days ago

This is so sad, yet, I still would give it to someone as a valentine's gift.

bloozecruz 2327 days ago

How hard would it have been to call it "Microwave for two", and make this so much less sorrowful?

kryptonitlydumb 2327 days ago

macrobiotic and detox microwave still for one is coming soon ????

kryptonitlydumb 2327 days ago

could be an excellent present with a hint for valentine's day

robsonadam 2327 days ago

at the back it shows you how to tie a noose

robsonadam 2327 days ago

at the back it shows you how to tie a noose