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Me in the Royal Romance Garb holding the Black Valentine Sabre. Both Coming Friday.

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1847 days ago

Me in the Royal Romance Garb holding the Black Valentine Sabre. Both Coming Friday.


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Orphantine 1846 days ago

Thanks Just needed to know :D

CharonTheShadow 1846 days ago

No, the confectioners slayer was the sword given out to the six winners of the cupcake contest. It looks like a cookie sword.

LancellAE 1846 days ago

That looks nice, I really need more bank space...

Legnave_FEZero 1846 days ago

Its either Mem or ACs, sorry to burst everyone's bubbles.

LastArabian 1846 days ago

If not mem ACs XD Epic art work !

Orphantine 1846 days ago

Oh, Hey Cys, did you change the name of "blood-Groove", to "Confectioners Slayer"?

Napoleon_Frost 1846 days ago

I LOVE the Royal Romance Garb!! Please not mem only, please not mem only...

SGTAnarchy 1846 days ago

please let be for non members

QuestionMarkAQW 1847 days ago

LOL! Forget the dress/tux controversy, check out tht floating sword! :P

snoegel_AQW 1847 days ago

nice items looks like im going to be late up again

McShmoopie 1847 days ago

Anyways - while I AM glad to see Cysero stickin' to his guns... Women be wantin' pants? I want skimpier outfits. Life ain't fair: suck it up. 8]

McShmoopie 1847 days ago

... There's something that has been bugging me about a lot of the armors... Why is the shoe in front of the pant-leg like that? 8|

SGTAnarchy 1847 days ago

please let be for non members and no acs pleass

GaledeepAQW 1847 days ago

, the pink dress IS the female version

GaledeepAQW 1847 days ago

, thnx for noticing something other than the fact girls wont get a tux, its getting old

Legnave_FEZero 1847 days ago

J6 would totally put a Female Royal Romance in game if he was in charge still. >.>

Crystal_Lion 1847 days ago

I wonder if a sleek dark blue (with a-line skirt) dress would be a better alternative?Probably better than looking like I jumped out of a Disney Princess film.

CharonTheShadow 1847 days ago

we're still correct in arguing, seeing as not everyone likes that dress in the first place.

SkylineSV 1847 days ago

The top of that sword is floating? That's pretty epic!

GriffinFire 1847 days ago

We're not talking about changing anything, just about additions that would make everyone happy.