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Sports photographer documenting Lance Armstrong's comeback to cycling to raise cancer awareness and eurodisco lover

Chatting with this guy who's a RAW vegan...only fruit...hmmm...

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2691 days ago

Chatting with this guy who's a RAW vegan...only fruit...hmmm...


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durianryder 2685 days ago

nice photo liz, thanks for the chat..
im 100% raw vegan but not just fruit..fruits AND vegetables and some fresh nuts and seeds... is whom i race for. is my website is for those

mikeharris7 2690 days ago

bamboo bike = cool.

eduardoremedios 2691 days ago

re: bamboo bike - if he gets hungry he might eat it :-) LOL

HermDegs 2691 days ago

Not well...

Dahveed1 2691 days ago

Saves a lot of time in the kitchen, I guess.

herothedog 2691 days ago

check out the bamboo bike, does he race on that thing!?!

RickieRainwater 2691 days ago

I don't know about that form of Vegan, but there are several Vagan atheletes and they are fine atheletes.

KimberlyIA 2691 days ago

Apparently he hasn't met Mr. Pork Chop (IA - RAGBRAI)

chrisrbailey 2691 days ago

The bike is sweet (although what's up with that fork?!). RAW vegan is idiotic though.

buddhagirlaz 2691 days ago

RAW vegan? hmm, he has a real handicap up against the real consumers! vegan is one thing but strictly fruit? he's gonna be spanked!

irondad 2691 days ago

And riding a bamboo bike, no less! (