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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Let the game begin, with Glowing Hearts!

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2274 days ago

Vancouver, BC, Canada. Let the game begin, with Glowing Hearts!


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LuisaNievesIna 2268 days ago

it is impressive, so marvelous

dinamac 2271 days ago

Beautiful pic of home. Yes, actually we would love some snow from England, or the's raining on our mountains right now :(

Clydesfan 2272 days ago

Wow, these are awesome, thank you!

MaxQ8 2272 days ago

So beautiful

coopes64 2273 days ago

there's no snow! do they want to buy some from us in England?

masutebaria 2273 days ago

いよいよ始まりますね。雪 あら~~無い!! 北海道の雪 差し上げたいです。
選手の皆様 ファイト!!

sankame3 2273 days ago


housemusicmarty 2273 days ago

Hardly any snow here at all....They're having to truck it in from 3 hours away. El Nino..Been warmer here than Florida. Haha.

nasu_kazu 2274 days ago


alexandraRI 2274 days ago

is impressive

saksak19men 2274 days ago


Zipang_Club 2274 days ago

見事な景色ですねぇ~。 この位の高さだと怖さがなくなりますねぇ~。

suetsumu 2274 days ago


wporfirio 2274 days ago

I live in Brazil. It did not believe that Vancouver was grey. It really is.

neutralizm 2274 days ago


grandesam 2274 days ago

地球が 変化?東海岸は冷え込んでいる。ワシントンの雪とかが・・・心配ですが。オリンピックも心配。

non_m818 2274 days ago


erick_erk 2274 days ago

#Olympics 2010 =D

iga6 2274 days ago


iga6 2274 days ago