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Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

Im killing the Ghost Cake!

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2190 days ago

Im killing the Ghost Cake!


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SyAlmighty 2084 days ago

awww, you're smiling!

BS__Hannah__CP 2147 days ago

nice.. did it moan? *says "wtf did u guys hear dat?" waits then replays recorder... "wait it did!"*

NYCRedhead 2170 days ago

Mr. Bagans. In the Kitchen. With a knife.

NYCRedhead 2170 days ago

Ghost murderer.

chelzea2615 2185 days ago

wat day fuck

TommyWaters 2189 days ago

ooOOooOoo right in the face! Now...twist the knife for good measure!!

Deevette 2190 days ago

did the ghost cake say Boo?

morganxxbeauty 2190 days ago

zak i love your smile!

Boggsy26 2190 days ago


OnyxDragon 2190 days ago

NOM NOM NOM! That Is All...

GothicGirl134 2190 days ago

Wat was the occasion?

whiteRussianLiz 2190 days ago

haha that looks actually very tasty

BronColt1992_88 2190 days ago

zak u and knives dont gt along

CeciVR 2190 days ago

AWW!! cute ghosty cake! X3 aww...your smiling!! :) so adorable...XP

cutie___pie 2190 days ago

ur so cute when you smile!!!

bansheekat 2190 days ago

save some for us.

GAC_LOVER_13 2190 days ago

ummmm zak that looks wrong

Tanya_Ford 2190 days ago

Haha! ...i want that cake! so cool! :)

Kenderlicious 2190 days ago

I'd like a piece of that...and I'm not talking about the cake;)

niccigarvito 2190 days ago

grrr.. i wanna touch your arm! LOL was this a celebration for the "good news"