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The kid on the back of the Golden Grahams box looks just like Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket.

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1908 days ago

The kid on the back of the Golden Grahams box looks just like Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket.


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jordache11 935 days ago

so this is one of my best friends, no joke, so no comments about him being an idiot, k?

what_a_keeper 1291 days ago

I look EXACTLY like him. I thought I WAS him! We need to find my twin!

b91k 1669 days ago

what about compared the ones on condoms?

wheresmyoj 1907 days ago

This is awesome!

VoVat 1908 days ago

But do the ridges on Golden Grahams rock more or less than the ones on Ruffles?

DrTchock 1908 days ago


Jack_McKokkoff 1908 days ago

yo me an me peeps stock the cereal aisle at wally world and we been clownin on this dude as a "young gay owen wilson" for a year

hxili 1908 days ago

this picture creeps me out every time I see it. I have to turn my box of Golden Grahams around...

nasaHDZDH 1908 days ago

this kid is an idiot.

bootssugarhill 1908 days ago

No, I see Owen Wilson getting stoned inside the graham, looking paranoid/afraid that his young doppleganger will soon bite his head off. Whoaa maybe I'm stoned !

No_1_U_Know 1908 days ago

3d is a kid running a race, you can clearly see the finish line. The little blond freak looks like David Arquette in Airheads.

Al3XIII 1908 days ago

I see a 3D pic of a skateboarder inside the pattern on the gram flake?

KarmaWeathers 1908 days ago

He looks like Devon Sawa

Candyman450 1908 days ago

stop fucking tweeting and make another stand up movie!

sportsyack 1908 days ago

You must think Owen Wilson looks like a douche, because this kid looks like a little douche bag.

travelmop 1908 days ago

I can't quite make out the 3D stereogram. Looks like a kid throwing a football, but I could be wrong.

_melester 1908 days ago

I hope you're eating this dry. It only tastes good dry. Unless you're stoned. Then it doesn't matter.

sampotts 1908 days ago

I hate knowing that Sarah Silverman eats Golden Grahams. Whatever happened to a woman keeping up a little mystery?

tweaker7 1908 days ago

Lol. Marry me Sarah!

karlgeorge 1908 days ago

wait... that's NOT Owen Wilson?