Liz Kreutz


Sports photographer documenting Lance Armstrong's comeback to cycling to raise cancer awareness and eurodisco lover

Cutting Lance's hair...hmmm...I've never done this before...

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2418 days ago

Cutting Lance's hair...hmmm...I've never done this before...


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jashansingh 2379 days ago

part time job

RCHutchinson 2416 days ago

"Brush the hair off his shoulders- he looks like Robin Williams...." LOL... good one. Nice smile... Lance, you've got the life bro.

soix7 2417 days ago

One of the most refreshing pics I have seen lately. A lot of life in two sq ft floor space.

Dahveed1 2417 days ago

Sweeny Liz, the butcher of Austin... The good news is, he'll be wearing a helmet.

theswordsman 2417 days ago

Brush the hair off his shoulders- he looks like Robin Williams

KimberlyIA 2417 days ago

I would have gone with the Vanilla Ice look since he didn't go to the concert in Columbus. = 0

DougieLawson 2417 days ago

It's easy, just like mowing the lawn in your back yard.

Eric235x 2417 days ago

u gonna dye it yellow?

lyndamoyer 2417 days ago

Did you shave his legs too???

tulipgirltje 2417 days ago

don't remove his ears ! in this heat he'll need them to keep his cap on !!!

SwooshDaddy 2417 days ago

Next time, carve the number "8" in the back!!!!

tdeegan31 2417 days ago

Priceless, did you go to the wine tasting first...... oooops sorry Lance, it should grow back....

ryanmhayes 2417 days ago

Great job Liz! Just think of it as helping Lance cut down on his weight! A few ounces can make a huge difference!

_o 2417 days ago

Liz, What's that logo on your shirt? Its on the TdF yellow jersey and I've been trying to find out what it is for ages...please let me know. Thanks, James

cyclingmaniac 2418 days ago

You should have carved something into it and not told him

iron_cam 2418 days ago

Ya know, you could make a TON of $$ on eBay with that hair. :)

tyhaar 2418 days ago

I cut my hair own, just like mowing the lawn right liz. :-)

2UpDuc 2418 days ago

How much do you charge?? Do you shampoo to???

bmc78 2418 days ago

Liz- soccer star, photog, hairdresser.

Gezzaa 2418 days ago

Give Lance a Mohawk Liz!..:)