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I play guitar.

The REAL post-show "afterparty" was actually at the park in downtown Melbourne where we fed wild Possums!! The are SO cute!!

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2390 days ago

The REAL post-show "afterparty" was actually at the park in downtown Melbourne where we fed wild Possums!! The are SO cute!!


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HestiaJane 1976 days ago

Apparently, they like hot cross buns -.- TS, please come back to Melbourne :)

luisidd 2015 days ago

Nice pic

enyachina 2119 days ago


13outcasts 2156 days ago

never seen a possum..... never.... ever..... lucky.....

aisyahnasir 2344 days ago

my brother is working at mel that time.we went to his boss house n they says possums always come .they show it to me .it was real .it was at thier swimming pool

gracewriggles 2350 days ago

coolboy8765 why are you clicking links on her twitter then. your a douche bag.

singactlove1919 2351 days ago

haha - r u allowed to feed them, lol. You're right SO cute!!!!

coolboy8765 2352 days ago

i fucking hate taylor swift she is a evil bitch who acts sweet and everything. knaye west was right your video was fucking shit. i was loooooooling that night there was no 2morrow. bitch die and go to hell. ever1 started it to listen to ur shit because th

cam_ha 2352 days ago

ah kill it!

raachelwhitt 2354 days ago

AWWWW thats too cute!!!!!!!!!
You are amazingly amazing :)

bru_tgomes 2356 days ago


TeamPassion_JJ 2364 days ago

taylor im ur biggest fan pleez follow me

_N0ra_ 2364 days ago

OMG! So cute and sweet and lovely! Love you:)

jessjarosky 2367 days ago

hey Taylor, i just wanted to tell you i love you (althought i dont know you) and your music. your and inspiration of mine. you have amazing music and amazing lyrics. it would be a pleaseure to meet you but that probably wont happen. i hope you have a good

ItsKelsayy 2368 days ago

taylor, im your biggest fan! please please please follow me on here (: (: (: ill be at your concert may 25th!! (: I would loveeeeee to meet you!!!!

maaaartii 2370 days ago

aaaawww O.O! I love you Taylor Swift♥ Please follow me...

elleneranz20 2372 days ago

awwwwwwwww,so cute☺_☺

rachelsennott13 2373 days ago

since it only posted half of it i'll finish by asking what was at the end of the other one. will you guys be at any radio stations or airports while here?!

rachelsennott13 2373 days ago

hey grant, im so excited i finally got tickets to see taylor and the rest of you guys march 11th in dallas!!! (: i literally used to look online daily to get tickets, and everyway else imaginable to get tickets to yalls concert. i know that it will be the

Maxyjhonsimon 2374 days ago

Hey this pic is great.