Charlie Davies


US Men's National Team #9, Sochaux #9, Watch your boy come back stronger than ever! Bless!

Thank you all for the support. Surgery was a success and still have a lot of bending to do. No pain No gain. Bless!

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2540 days ago

Thank you all for the support. Surgery was a success and still have a lot of bending to do. No pain No gain. Bless!


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NoledgeIsPower 2534 days ago

Your a siick warrior...soon you'll be doing the stanky leg in South Africa!!!!!!

geebli10 2534 days ago

Yo Chuck Deezy, I am waiting for you homie-- when you coming back to Europe. so happy for you man!!

genesisCFC26 2536 days ago

ehh I can't look at that stuff but glad you are alive!(:

artissero 2536 days ago

contin......your young and still developing your game!

artissero 2536 days ago

I wrote you awhile ago about making it to the worldcup after your injury, it was a long e-mail, I'm impressed with your progress and hopeful for US soccer. Be well, and imagine being even better than you were it might be possible... your young and still d

allylouwhox3 2536 days ago

i'm so happy youre doing so much better! it's a real miracle.

daytown3 2537 days ago

is nice to see your progres. you have come long ways in a short time. we know that could it been worst Get better keep up the good work you'r a brave kid. Would love to see you make South Africa! best wish's for a 100 % recovery. thank you for t

Volki_68 2537 days ago

Je te souhaite de revenir très vite pour faire une super coupe du monde avec les USA !!!!!

DavidHegethorn 2537 days ago

Go Charlie Go! Heja bajen!

Mj2Fr3ak 2538 days ago

Oh shit, that's a lot of stitches! man, must be tough bending ur elbow :(
get well soon charlie, hoping to see u back in action for Sochaux n Team USA! pz!

SteveMHopkins 2539 days ago

Keep up the amazing progress. Can't wait to see you play in SA!

SoccerfanJC 2539 days ago

Your nickname should be wolverine because your healing quick

leopoldbloom16 2539 days ago

Chicks dig scars, and by the look of that one you'll be beating them off with a stick

rgatt 2539 days ago

your the strongest man I know! You can do it!! I love you xoxo

uhkileez 2539 days ago

Get better, Charlie. Would love to see you make South Africa!

bilzy 2539 days ago

Hang in there Charlie. Your doc did good too. Scar shouldn't be real bad. My surgery scars from last March are starting to fade some and yours will too. Keep fighting and I'll keep praying!

chriscarlone 2539 days ago

Sending you the best in your recovery!

VTjawo 2540 days ago

WOW...are you the bionic man now? Hoping the best for you, &can't wait to see you on the field!

editra23 2540 days ago

Charlie I hope you recover soon. Sending you good well wishes and I hope u heal in time for South Africa!

davidrdegroot 2540 days ago

Awesome, Bro! So happy for you! Good luck on the recovery. We'll be praying for you.