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B-Madden the one&only.

A warm welcome from @palmsLasVegas I can see it now Maw, my name in lights....

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2423 days ago

A warm welcome from I can see it now Maw, my name in lights....


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xJEaLoUsYx 2422 days ago

Yay!!! so proud of you! lol =)Your name up in the lights! If i were to drive by with friends i could say "Look! I know who that is!"

nadiediena 2423 days ago


Bevtoyou 2423 days ago

Love that name I am seeing up in lights! Woohoo! :D Proud of you. :)

_Disasterr 2423 days ago

i'm so proud :D

_Disasterr 2423 days ago

my hero

kisses4killers 2423 days ago

Congrats now you got something cool accomplished :)

carrie_oz 2423 days ago

what a beautiful thing! Remember that you have a myspace man :D I probably will continue to write sarcastic messages without response .. the sad thing is that it's fun for me LOL

crazymusiclover 2423 days ago

:)me likey

ddritzenhein 2423 days ago

That is too cool for you Benji

laurapalop 2423 days ago

I wish I could be there!!!love youuuu Benj!!!!xo

LadyLoveMetal 2423 days ago


abbutchie 2423 days ago

Damn....I wish I lived in Vegas. Hope you had a great night Benji.

cheekyoziechick 2423 days ago

there are soo many sinarios here it's not funny...well actually it is. Have a great time Benj.

saarrraaaaivy 2423 days ago

HAHA, this is the best news ever & I'm not telling why!!!

MazzyJ 2423 days ago

Play boy gos hand in hand with Benji

clong89 2423 days ago

does anyone else find it funny that there is a playboy sign above benj's sign haha...

JahJah4DS 2423 days ago

9/11 anyone else catch that? Feb 9th @ 11.? Jus wonderin..never forget.

SassyLiLVixin 2423 days ago

so weird cause it's Wednesday arvo here.....congrats mr dj sir

brianna7x 2423 days ago

Ha! So proud of you Benj! You've worked hard for years, bout time it payed ohh, eh? ;]

DCMA1stcustomer 2423 days ago