Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Sweet Baby Jesus and I.

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2840 days ago

Sweet Baby Jesus and I.


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rbailey60 2821 days ago

He looks so young and light! But you say he's strong?

laughwithme 2837 days ago

I kinda like the Astana look. It may take some getting used to but at least the colors stand out.

candmn 2838 days ago

8lb 6oz Baby Jesus...? What's he weigh...buck twenty or so?

vickygal 2838 days ago

A+ for proper use of the personal pronoun've been working hard on your grammar haven't you? Forgiven me yet?

micksteraus 2839 days ago

Terrible kits...yuk. Looking forward to the race and seeing the team. I think this will be an exciting season and the cycling is a good analogy to the fight vs cancer in so many ways.

pedrodomenech 2839 days ago

Great picture! (Teach him all you know) Let's go, Lance!!!

Cora007xyz 2839 days ago

there is nothing that could make a handsome Man like you look ugly. You could also wear a trashbag and would to me still me the most handsomest and most likable man in the world. I would also still love you if you where wore trashbags.

Cora007xyz 2839 days ago

but I also don´t like these outfits from Astana. Why can´t you make your whole team better wear the livestrong outfits? The Jacket of this Astana Outfit seems to be too short for you? Isn´t it? But on the other side: There is nothing that could make a han

Cora007xyz 2839 days ago

If Jesus, Gods son :) is with you what could than go wrong :)...Love from Cologne from Cora. I wished so much I could also be there. All the best Lance and you really are looking damn good and fit for this eraly time in the year.

mikeharris7 2839 days ago

Uffa - sorry Lance but the Astana kits are butt ugly! Can you persuede them to go with the Livestrong kit?

caroviarmes 2839 days ago

Did Lance lend you some boxer shorts Jésus ?

threetwentyone 2840 days ago

St Nikolas?!

jakelewis 2840 days ago

It looks pretty warm down there. Very jealous. Shorts and jerseys is a long way off here!

kimballfife 2840 days ago

Lance, don't sneeze or you'll break baby Jesus in two! Seriously, he's tiny.

karapoti 2840 days ago

Lance, Welcome to Aussie,, Enjoy!!

aaronspilot 2840 days ago

Okay here's the plan July- get in yellow to cover up that hideous Astana kit - it might be worth the fine to wear the LS kit all year round.

Dahveed1 2840 days ago

Seeing these grainy cellphone photos means 1 thing - Liz didn't make the trip. Good luck when you start racing!

dmacmac 2840 days ago

Cool Stuff-- Lance -read in Outside you were dropping into Twitter. My first time now. been a fan for a long time, but now more than you know. Mom and Niece both had cancer-and I am doing my part: Got the Company to heavy up for StandUp2 Cancer- which

btmoney 2840 days ago

drop the hammer on the puny excuse for a man. Go Astana but more importantly GO LANCE!!!

JDLemar 2840 days ago

For anyone interested in more pics of Lance's training ride yesterday there are some more here:,22613,5036902-5014156,00.html#
Might be your last chance to see him in LS gear for the next couple of weeks..