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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Out for a ride with the team...trying out the new kit too. 100 degrees here!

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2723 days ago

Out for a ride with the team...trying out the new kit too. 100 degrees here!


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joeaggie91 2668 days ago

In other words, another Texas Winter!

jaredp01 2721 days ago

Just think Lance - at least you're not at 9 degrees like it is here in Boston right now. "No chain" next week my friend!!

KevTry 2722 days ago

Damn Im jealous,I wish it was that hot here in the UK...its been in the low 30degs,not good for getting in the miles.Hope the training's going well for you guys.

knappy73 2722 days ago

100 degs hey...heat like that is just one of the reasons why aussies are such tough competitors! Hope the TDU sets the tone for successful season

jakelewis 2722 days ago

Also, cheers for the motivation. It is my comeback race this weekend. 10 years in the making. The press must be too busy with your comeback to print mine ;-)

jakelewis 2722 days ago

Good luck guys. I hope all goes to plan.

alanparry 2723 days ago

Lucky the team kit is white! If you were in the kit from yesterday you might suffer a little more!!

BikePure 2723 days ago

nice kit...! Check out the anti-doping campaign that pro's join...

Waikoloa_Gal 2723 days ago

It was absolutely gorgeous here on the Big Island today, Lance. You should have stayed a little longer! :-)

MichaelJames_NY 2723 days ago

Nonsense, I was rooting for Team Astana before doing so was cool. The kits are fine and do what they are suppose to do, make Team Astana members stand out in a sea of other colors. I have the last 2 years kits.

aaronspilot 2723 days ago

Sorry, Lance but compared to U.S. Postal and Discovery those Astana kits are ugly- I personally think the USPS 2000 Jersey was the best.

scribblegurl 2723 days ago

I'm just stoked you're back. The Tour just wasn't as much awesome without you. :)

LynnMcArthur 2723 days ago

Highs in the 50's here in WA (after snow and floods)..we are all sending our good thoughts your way.."Go Lance"..

RogueBandle 2723 days ago

Looks good-but man, I miss the US Postal kits!

coachjr 2723 days ago

Ooooh, 100 degrees, you betcha! welcome down under Lance, get used to the heat, temperature wise and competition wise! Now go show those naysayers what you are about! Oh, the outfit is wussy!

LAPossum 2723 days ago

Your kit is da bomb.....your not missing much here in the Southern US...cold and rainy....I envy your hot rides!

jerry_kelly 2723 days ago

Okay, that kit looks weird on ya. Tell Chechu Hey from us!

hgrant4630 2723 days ago

Get Chechu to Twitter!! Chechu is Da Man!! (Next to you...) Rock on LA...

JDLemar 2723 days ago

C'mon jpappe, they've already got Police etc escorting them for their rides.. You don't expect us to change the country to driving on the RHS of the road just for Lance do you..? ;-)

bikeboy1976 2723 days ago

Hey there Lance.Welcome to Adelaide.I hope i get to meet you will you are here & get a photo with you.I also got some mates that have Nike Air armstrong 180s they want to get signed.You know the ones - yellow & black