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NEW PIC: Before you ask, no, Aidan Turner can not arrest you... #beinghuman

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2296 days ago

NEW PIC: Before you ask, no, Aidan Turner can not arrest you... #beinghuman


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donellao385 1948 days ago

Everyone pls help beta test the new iphone I only need 2 more people and I can keep mine. Thanks@@!!@@

DarkenedFear 1948 days ago

Darn, I really wanted to be arrested by Aidan.

naturewoman64 2272 days ago

WOW,Look at the Police cars back then!(Look at the Vampires too)

ItsAmberrrAyeee 2279 days ago

he wood be a good cop, woodnt tak eany back chat or else he will kill u

nikpik2010 2290 days ago

aww please?

HellsBells1994 2292 days ago


Rebekahdg 2293 days ago

I wouldn't think so... he's a bit far away from my world. Girl can dream though.

joooos1 2296 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

beinghumanfan 2296 days ago

Damn it BHProd! Was just about to ask ;)
How lovely is that? He can carry of any sort of slightly dodgy 60's style cant he? :D

NevaaPrincess 2296 days ago

Last time I saw someone looking that dodgy next to a car they were nickin it lmao

Lionesskeeper 2296 days ago

Run Aidan run!!!(:D I jest)

Dorina335 2296 days ago

Ah but u see I'm going to arrest he can't escape!

JamieAnne313 2296 days ago

I think I'll wait for him to tell me that in person... thanks : )

Catmagix 2296 days ago

Ooooh...Spoilsports! ;)

SHADOWITCH9 2296 days ago

I may experiment with being very bad to test the possibility :)

angloirishgal 2296 days ago

..where are the handcuffs please??..and yes he can arrest me...any time..
-Fran: I thought Redland, Cotham, Clifton..looks near to where I used to live in Cotham!!

Sarahndipity09 2296 days ago

Aww look, nice old house, lovely old car, cute ancient dude (out in broad daylight again I see, Day Walker!)...all looks pretty good for it's agedness don't it! ;o)

LyssaMoon 2296 days ago

very VERY nice... and are you SURE he can't? have you ASKED him? he he!

IsisArts 2296 days ago

Nice. Very, very nice............ :)

anna_fran 2296 days ago

Was that in Redland?