Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Jakarta, Indonesia.Big sity near Equator.

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1974 days ago

Jakarta, Indonesia.Big sity near Equator.


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QuitoFuentes 1944 days ago

Impressive!. Do you have any picture of Guatemala?

bibbibmars 1951 days ago

Nice shoot! I didn't relized Jakarta is more crawded when its look from sky. Oooh my "sity" :)

mimazda 1952 days ago

Bagus!!! 野口さんありがとうございます!

ObedCal 1960 days ago

wow....nice one...

wongmetal 1966 days ago

my city........

TheGourmetGirl 1967 days ago

Thoroughly enjoying all of the images you are sending to us. Keep them coming.

JQsan 1967 days ago

Our neighbour! VIVA INDONESIA..Bali Run! Thank you Team Astronauts!!

mgustianjani 1967 days ago


wisnusetiadi 1969 days ago

owh my city...jakarta ...wonderful..thanks for astro_soichi

imanatep 1970 days ago

wow this my city! thanks.. :D

globalvsg 1970 days ago

And what do you know?! More pollution... Thanks for sharing these pictures, maybe people will start to realize some of the real problems we're facing...

pontiacrojas 1973 days ago


bimski 1973 days ago

Big sity? You mean big city right?

jegbagus 1973 days ago

city where i currently live now

FamiliaJudo 1973 days ago

Imagens extraordinária

anitatristi 1974 days ago

Wow cool!! This is my country...Jakarta is the capital of my country :p

JstLu 1974 days ago

Nice photo!

taggedmsn 1974 days ago

hi man
please a picture of tunisia (34.58N, 10.42E)

m4rc1n_ 1974 days ago

Thank you very much for providing this vision of where we inhabit! Wonderful pictures, good job!

megafirdaus 1974 days ago

My hometown, my hometown ! :D
Thanks for uploading this picture ! :D
Btw, what camera did you use ? Nikon ?