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Had to do it.

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2272 days ago

Had to do it.


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unlivedlife 2211 days ago

Wicked jealous! :]

kestre 2260 days ago

I love the outfit. Trying to recreate it. Could you give me some hints or maybe a nice detail shot of the clothes? Thanks.

kristensomeone 2271 days ago

So when may I steal that outfit? :)

luverof_ 2272 days ago

:D luv it! mo's a doll!

loanjoan1 2272 days ago

You should have taken a nap in the chair, a real nap. Snoring, the whole nine yards, and then woken up, well, you know the rest. Heck, you probably WROTE the rest!!!

takewhat 2272 days ago

And you come out as Joss? *g*

Sigfodir 2272 days ago


InyRules 2272 days ago

Who gets to keep it???

rolandhaigh 2272 days ago

Would you like a treatment? nails, pedicure teeth polished

nikdogadventure 2272 days ago


Gravity_Gunner 2272 days ago

I want that chair in my living room.

MinLopierce 2272 days ago

P'Mo! You're adorable in this pic. I'd love to sit in THE chair too. :)

johnytyh 2272 days ago

So, at the end. Who kept the chair?

Cindymealer 2272 days ago

Yes, but....did you fall asleep? I'm sure "just for a little while".

queenmorgue 2272 days ago

If I was you, I would too! :D

youfoundben 2272 days ago

Who's my favorite tech-head?

shadowmaat 2272 days ago

Ahh, this brings back memories. ...Wait, what?

FaLLeN_AnGeL189 2272 days ago

How could you resist? Thanks for the pic Mo!

AndrewLeavitt 2272 days ago

If I had a chance to sit in that chair and look as fine as you, I'd do it to. LOL

EveOCative 2272 days ago