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Hey fellow Twitters, I am Jason Hawes from Scifi channels Ghost Hunters. Spread the word that my page is here.

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2031 days ago


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Amazinglywow 1791 days ago

Cool pic of you both.

garynsheila 1796 days ago

love the pic... someone has a great talent.

Erzsebet1985 1812 days ago

very awesome pic;)

Patar2 2017 days ago

go to america because of the money. You are great, i will see all series of you. Best Regards, your biggest Fan from Germany :)

Patar2 2017 days ago

I´m your biggest Fan from Germany, i like to see new series. You are so great, and your humr is great, i'm 14 years old, so, i would have all fanarticles of you, but i don't reach them. I won't to visit america, warwick, rhode Island, it's great. I can't

dtprovchy 2021 days ago

What a great spooky picture with the mist surrounding both of you!

tungmobi 2022 days ago

Who's your choreographer? :o)

Lady_Faewyn 2024 days ago

oooh ooh ooh, dare I say it??? dare I?? yes I shall.....forgive me... but, very 'supernatural'ish.....haha... seriously tho, very nice shot!

Rosox218 2027 days ago

Awesome shot! I saw a GH wannabe show on the Travel channel...what a joke!

David_Juppe 2028 days ago

Saw a 2004 rerun of GH last night. Hardly recognized anyone! Altoona RR museum and Mishler Theater. The shows are so much better now.

pooh_cmc73 2029 days ago

Awesome pic!! Very cool!!

MsNTX 2030 days ago

Looks like Mischief in the making to me!

NocturnasNicole 2030 days ago

Love the pic, you 2 look great as always!

nes7995 2030 days ago

love it!!!!!

McDaniel69 2030 days ago

Love it! Awesome pic guys!

spooky1980 2030 days ago

looks awesome, cant wait to see the rest of the shoot. love you guys and the show.

Starfall1969 2030 days ago

Whoa! Sharp intake of breath here--that is one very hot photo! That's not "ethereal mist;" that's STEAM!

Blurde01 2030 days ago

Are you sure that was for an episode of GH and not a GQ photo spread?

Nonnerlicious 2030 days ago

look totally hot..:)

pattyhilt 2030 days ago

Awesome picture guys!