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what is happening in this blue tent in haiti could affect the entire world. will explain tonight on #cnn.

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2542 days ago

what is happening in this blue tent in haiti could affect the entire world. will explain tonight on #cnn.


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100956 2541 days ago

Wow as if things aren't already worse for these people and now this...

LaurenWStuntz 2541 days ago

Brokenhearted that people are living like this....with diseases like this. Will be praying desperately for these beautiful people....

jproduction 2541 days ago

Thank you so much Dr. Gupta. You are an angel man. What u r doing to help my ppl means a lot. THANK YOU from da bottom of my Heart!

StarseedsNet 2541 days ago

God bless the Haitian people and everyone on planet Earth. May god protect us all and may his son always stand and protect mankind. Times are really getting rough, Have faith it is all we need.

Manang26 2541 days ago

Dr. Gupta, patients we take have to be free of communicable disease prior to acceptance into the program. It is sad to see all the disease and death.

Manang26 2541 days ago

Dr. Gupta, I am the Rotary District Gift of Life Program Dir. for our area. We can take 3 patients to treat for reconstructive, or ortho cases. All services donated by hospital & surgeons.

CarisSevern 2541 days ago

Most of us have little to no familiarity with this disease; how frightening to contemplate its resurgence.

ajp0101 2541 days ago

Does this mean that this could spread it's wings to the US?

womanfish_14 2541 days ago

Thank You,Sanjay Gupta,for yr continuing concern 4 the Haitian People. With u on their side, telling their stories 2 the world,the world will not be able to turn their backs on Haiti.I am grateful 4 you & yr CNN colleagues.All the Best, debbie:)

NursepamelaN 2541 days ago

Sanjay, I am a 23 yr RN with ICU, etc experience with time to go who has tried to go with multiple groups for weeks with no success. Red Cross are sending volunteers to CIDI who only want nurses who speak language and previous disaster experience. Does

whiteeagle44 2542 days ago

Multi drug resistant TB in third world countries including Haiti has been known for some time..sad that it takes a natural disaster for political/healthcare world to pay attention to it.

kimjack61 2542 days ago

TB...very bad

dshenouda 2542 days ago

#mdrtb - multi drug resistant tuberculosis is rampant in the developing world, mainly because of partial treatment and exposure. Be safe Sanjay and get a real fitted respirator

stepman 2542 days ago

according to #nytimes, resistant #tuberculosis #tb in #haiti :-( http://nyti.ms/bFoJDK

tombaars 2542 days ago

After HIV/AIDS, TB is the country’s greatest infectious cause of mortality in both youth and adults (6,814 deaths in 2007). http://tinyurl.com/ygnlqh9

MadSciKat 2542 days ago

WillWeremecki 2542 days ago

Uh oh.

djdefi 2542 days ago

Not good....

PetryHoogenboom 2542 days ago

Not (resistant) tuberculosis i hope......