Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

May make this my new avatar.

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2425 days ago

May make this my new avatar.


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davidwalker_vk2 2392 days ago

Put a helmet on it.

MetalToPedal 2404 days ago

Have you climbed Mount Rushmore? They're making room for you as we speak.

billyjmacdonald 2422 days ago

Cora007xyz 2423 days ago

I have never understood why women should not be allowed to do ski-jumping and when they do it they are so good. Women are allowed and good in boxing. Why not also allow them to jump ski in the same olympic game with and against men. That would be just. Or

Cora007xyz 2423 days ago

Hi Lance. CanĀ“t you please use your power to help the women against that injustice, that they are not allowed to jump ski in the olympics, which is so discriminating.

maxwardrandall 2423 days ago

Looks a little like Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil... :)

rapichat 2423 days ago

Silver Surfer for sure!

wighty 2424 days ago

max headroom...

lonestaroftejas 2424 days ago

God Armstrong

LarryBirdy 2424 days ago

Never realized that you are actually Dr. Manhattan?! This explains a lot...... Who else could have won 7 times!

velovolpe 2424 days ago


hschnellinger 2424 days ago

but whats that hole on top of your head? are u going borg or sth?

amamisland 2424 days ago

Blue GOD!!

bauerblackops 2424 days ago

"Blue Steel"

TeamLeBroy 2424 days ago

Not bad for a old man ;-)

barryvj65 2424 days ago


DrD01 2424 days ago

Brains! I want some brains to eat! Nonsense! You should keep your Avatar as it is. Human face is better!

JDoherty1 2424 days ago

Quite high-tech - which is cool in my view.

eswinburne 2424 days ago

That jaw and cheeks is recognizable anywhere...

ste960 2424 days ago