Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

First scan. Cool stuff.

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2064 days ago

First scan. Cool stuff.


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rapichat 2062 days ago

Silver Surfer on a bike

fit1annie 2063 days ago if you lower your back position does that mean youl be susceptible to groin pain as the hip flexion is greater?? x

bubblesfhm 2063 days ago

Like the altered position. You look flatter compared to last year and shoulders look lower. Very nice.

LarryBirdy 2063 days ago

You just know that Stiller is going to use this in the future.

derailleur09 2063 days ago

Amazing that TSA let you go through the scanner like that. way cool! is this at LAX? (Lance Armstrong International?)

bauerblackops 2063 days ago

Shredded already CLASS!

ste960 2063 days ago

just do it !!

teemflmngo 2063 days ago

wow. how big was the scanner and how long did you have to hold the pose?

twittyboyd 2063 days ago

Not an ounce of fat! :P

offback 2063 days ago

Looks like you are riding through one of the new TSA scanners?

gospina 2063 days ago

Dude..are you wearing a thong? That's dedication..must really like those new bikes with no wheels

CONTADORFANS 2063 days ago

Interesting. But all these stuff will be worth to beat Contador?? I wonder.

carl_ago 2063 days ago

wow.. looks pretty cool

madiro 2063 days ago

So for a game or maybe that limited edition action figure. A fan for both.

sivelo 2063 days ago

wow! that position looks way lower & the back looks longer

sivelo 2063 days ago

wow! that position looks way lower & the back looks longer

tphenom 2063 days ago

You missed the start of training camp for this?

geertvaniersel 2064 days ago

Wow asome what a great shot

philipsquire 2064 days ago

Admitit, this is the first step to creating an army of Lance-droids. :-D

joaum 2064 days ago

Runs in windows, so it's probably error-prone anyway ;-)