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Setting up for the scan

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2298 days ago

Setting up for the scan


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ste960 2298 days ago

yes !!!!!!!

ptrkL 2298 days ago

That looks like some catwalk... don't think i'd try that...

geertvaniersel 2298 days ago

High tech cycling! super

jojolosangeles1 2298 days ago

Where is that? JPL?

2redheads 2298 days ago

Hey I know That guy! Nice bike stand!

aromyv 2298 days ago

that's one heck of a scanner!!!

Zambo4816 2298 days ago

ok, i’m going to go out on a limb. there is going to be a cycling video game and they are scanning you into the game as a playable character? hahaha

Kemagic 2298 days ago

Looks like you are gonna split the atom.

joey_numbas 2298 days ago

I'm guessing laser doppler velocimetry? Either way, looks like fun!

chrischampion 2298 days ago

Looks like an early prototype teleporter. Beam me up Johan!

carlosgrtij 2298 days ago

Interesting, Keep us updated on this !

be47 2298 days ago

wtf? over. don't get it Lance. pls explain

AlyzabethM 2298 days ago

Looks ominous!

Fluffy1975 2298 days ago

Cool! Is this at NASA? :D