Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

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Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

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1684 days ago

Palermo, Sicily, Italy.


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gian_doc 1664 days ago

Palermo... che bella che sei !!!! toh ... lo stadio :-D

alex82y 1670 days ago

ecco Palermo! se lo sapevo mi affacciavo e salutavo :D :D

meowmouse79 1671 days ago

I've been there! fantastic city, like nowhere else

celanimaurizio 1671 days ago


loriss4 1671 days ago

the best...

leonnicaragua 1675 days ago

Bellisima Palermo,sempre in il mio cuore

norrito 1680 days ago

meravigliosa......toll palermo aus dem all

jacogiumar 1681 days ago

bella...proprio bella...

giosafat 1682 days ago

WOOW i'm a little point on the photo!!! ih ih ih :-)

A_Barber 1683 days ago

I love the photos. Any shots of the volcano Mt Etna?

banglahacks 1683 days ago

Nice picture. Did you shot Bangladesh?

marcofromsicily 1683 days ago

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, if you could post more pictures about my Sicily i would really appreciate them!

akir219 1683 days ago

野口さん、いつもお写真ありがとうございます。今日はイタリアの新聞でも喜びの声が上がっていますよ。シチリアは大喜びです。 山がお好きならベスビオ、どうですか?

do6ben 1683 days ago

Thanks for the nice photo.

Almastudios 1683 days ago


Kejtie 1683 days ago

It's beautiful, especially the white clouds :)

trash_box 1683 days ago


grandesam 1683 days ago


TvvitterBug 1683 days ago

Wow! Just beautiful!

Ilcane1 1683 days ago

nice photo thanks