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Samantha's Husband. Driver of the No. 18 M&M's Camry, Monster Energy No. 54 Camry and No. 51 Toyota Tundra.

Sam and I made it! And everyone else. Ha

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1971 days ago

Sam and I made it! And everyone else. Ha


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shirlyborn 1970 days ago

u 2 look so great 2gether..glad u had a super time..I bet u guys r fun 2 hang with!!! :)

Mella99 1971 days ago

Congrats to you two I am happy for you both have a blast today Go Saints

MoJoHamlin 1971 days ago

I was wondering why you seemed so mellow! Congrats, enjoy the game!

Kathy2418fan 1971 days ago

Have a great time at the game! :)

davidgriac 1971 days ago

cheeky fiancee hahaha

xoxellabella 1971 days ago

So cute! :) enjoy the game and get ready for next week's race!!

MarcDiecast 1971 days ago

is Sam secertly a Kurt Busch fan?

LPatterson86 1971 days ago

cute two make a cute couple.

Misscascapedia 1971 days ago

Great shot!

AdamBannon 1971 days ago

Dude Why are you wearing a jacket in Miami? I don't know how warm it is but it can't be very cold by my standards. I'm in Canada so i know cold.

Spectricide 1971 days ago

Bunny Ears!! and Palm Trees. Nice.

Spinningfor18 1971 days ago

have a great time!! You two look great together very happy!!!
Hope you have a very good like together!!!

SeanLutz 1971 days ago

You guys look great! Have fun at the game!