Cadel Evans


It's all in 'Close to Flying' - released 28/10/09 (Hardie-Grant).

A 'WC' fit for a? Don't's NOT mine!

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1969 days ago

A 'WC' fit for a? Don't's NOT mine!


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WayneHansen 1964 days ago

PAB. Palo's Alto's finest bike shop bathroom. Velotech's is slightly smaller but has a beer fridge next to it. Very convenient.

blacklabmaile 1967 days ago

Is this Palo Alto Bikes? I'm a bit embarrassed to recognize a bike shop by its bathroom...but this is unmistakable!

SERG1O_D 1968 days ago

Is it the great Italian, Fausto Coppi?

melaniebbikes 1968 days ago

Grab-handle presumably in case your cleats slip on the tile?

melaniebbikes 1968 days ago

So *that's* what bidets are for!

jakelewis 1968 days ago

The question remains: who's is it?!

cyclosophy 1968 days ago

How does it feel to have a dunny dedicated to the mantle of World Champion?

Andymcflandie 1968 days ago

Nice new dunny Cadel!!

Wren2u 1969 days ago

Are you sure no one has decorated your bathroom while you were away! - luv the rainbow! Champion :-)

seannz 1969 days ago

I think it is a Bidet, he using it as a mini spa!

dutchman59 1969 days ago

Whatever works I guess.

J2daHizzay 1969 days ago

Look at the tan lines

JamBlah 1969 days ago

But you are capable of that, Cadel... And well would it be worth it.