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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Casa Blanca, Morocco. Here is looking at you, kid!

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1821 days ago

Casa Blanca, Morocco. Here is looking at you, kid!


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cookyluve 1785 days ago

more morocco pictures street of gibraltar tanger the rif area

cookyluve 1785 days ago

whoooooooooooooo moroccooooo more pics of moroccoooooooo

daytona27 1806 days ago

play it again Sam... :-()

Kader037 1807 days ago

It's not Casablanca of Morocco but gulf Arzew in Algeria
Ce n'est pas Casablanca mais le golf de Arzew en Algérie

cilladiamond 1816 days ago

wow, fab!

alan_mai 1819 days ago

Casablanca was presented in Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe until yesterday.
Thank you for a very timely photograph.

mod_wu 1820 days ago

ohh! i like this pic, especially the shadow of the cloud. We can see the earth from there in this detail!!!

nosikliw 1820 days ago

Love the pics! Thanks for taking them. However not sure what you were looking at when you took this picture (labeled Casablanca, Morocco), but it wasn't Casablanca. I live in Casa and it doesn't match up. Check it out on Google maps if you want to. I

Bistaiz 1820 days ago

отличное фото!

futevoleifoz 1820 days ago

hello foz do iguaçu

insign 1820 days ago

You never seen Brazil?

scarou 1820 days ago

Beautiful photo !! But i'm from Casablanca and... this is not Casablanca, the Casablanca from Morocco, i'm sure =)

morcegaosp 1820 days ago

Demais.....tire fotos do Brasil.

choblock 1820 days ago


oka_moto 1820 days ago


edjanemapsobama 1821 days ago


vieira_joeytdb 1821 days ago


muraldoantena 1821 days ago

"You must member this... A Kiss just a Kiss..." Casablanca, the movie!!!

irisleaveeyes 1821 days ago

Nice photo!!! Perfect!!! I want to see my country, the Brasil, haha

do6ben 1821 days ago

Thanks for the nice photo.
Please send Thailand picture next time.