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Look how big Pixie is getting. She's a doll.

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2332 days ago

Look how big Pixie is getting. She's a doll.


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PurseDogTV 2211 days ago

OMD!! Pixie is so adorable!

QUEENMARTI 2286 days ago


philohooke 2315 days ago

A kiss on the cheek may be quite continental but…..Pixie is a girls best friend!!

rholmes927 2324 days ago

Isn't it amazing how attached we get to our pets?!

sleeprun 2324 days ago

"babe, i hav my cred to protect....NO red lipstick pleeze!!"

SusiesNo1Fan 2326 days ago

This is sweet i love my puppy too He's my baby and very spoiled :D

fishynw 2327 days ago

Looks part Yorkie... If you know of anyone looking for Yorkie pups we have 2 available :) BTW enjoyed you at the Oregon Jamboree!

north_clt 2330 days ago

So cute. :)

pepperwaynick 2331 days ago

OMG! You look just like Dolly in this pic! If they ever do a story on Dolly, you should play her!

allierivenbark 2331 days ago

she is absolutely adorable!

gleekfreak22 2331 days ago

awww! what kind of dog is Pixie! look at her little scruffy face, she is so precious! :D

SoAhmaziin_JB 2331 days ago

Awe. How Cute:) She Looks Kinda Scared Thoughh lol

MangoBubbles8 2331 days ago

She's A~D~O~R~A~B~L~E!! I remember when my dog was that little!! Haha =)

claceyjo21 2331 days ago

aww cute i really love your music and i really wana meet you but you dont even know i am alive!!!

janetmclark 2332 days ago

cute pic of you and pixie

ALL_ARTISTS 2332 days ago

Kelli, Your dog is so cute. You should consider opening an Animal Rescue like Kelly Clarkson is doing in TX. I'm happy for all of your success too. You deserve it.

Tiger8five 2332 days ago


Kafjr1313 2332 days ago

How's pixie on the bus. Dose she travel and sleep well.??

69guitarTricks 2332 days ago

Cute puppy for sure! Where are you playing in Biloxi, ms? I am right down the road from where ever you are going to be.

ArsenalCharly 2332 days ago

Awww What A Cute Dog Gorgeous! :)