Kyle Busch


Samantha's Husband. Driver of the No. 18 M&M's Camry, Monster Energy No. 54 Camry and No. 51 Toyota Tundra.

Sam bought her first book as my fiancé. Looks expensive ;)

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1878 days ago

Sam bought her first book as my fiancé. Looks expensive ;)


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kaseykahnefan4 1865 days ago

you both are perfect for each other! great couple!

Alisonb76 1873 days ago

Yo, you two are PERFECT for each other!

SeanLutz 1876 days ago

Congrats to you and Samantha! You two are the perfect Nascar couple!

jenkc9 1877 days ago

Congatulations! You both look good together when I've seen you in Victory Lane.
Good luck in all three series!

yukomi 1877 days ago


1RowdyGibbsGirl 1877 days ago

Congrats to both of you! I met you at the Phoenix race in November (I have the ROWDY18 license plate :) ) and you were one of the nicest people I've ever met... keep it up and don't change for ANYONE! :)

Bamagirl519 1877 days ago

Congrats to you both!!! It will be an experience to go through the "planning" stage LOL but it will all be worth it. Sam looks so happy!

chreister89 1877 days ago

Grats to you both! You are such a such a great couple!

Jessie_Gib 1877 days ago

Congrats to you both. good Luck this year.

becbeat555 1878 days ago

I like shiny things as well :-)

GennaGirl 1878 days ago

More importantly, I want to see the ring!! Sorry, I like shiny things..

becbeat555 1878 days ago

Congratulations on your engagement! Great way to start the season. Did she influence you to get a Twitter? Good move!

dwright123 1878 days ago

I think its wonderful congrats

EmilyMiller89 1878 days ago two are my favorite nascar couple....

blambert89 1878 days ago

Congrats!!! It will get more expensive.

TobesGriffin 1878 days ago

Congrats yall!! Rowdy18Style

AZ18girl 1878 days ago

Congrats to you both :)

melee0309 1878 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS!! Great way to start the season.

_kirkir_ 1878 days ago

aww congrats

mykennycat 1878 days ago

WOW!!!!! & u r even putting pics n here 4 us!!Forgot 2 tell u CONGRATULATIONS!!!Told Sam last nite!