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Putting the narration on ellen d's first episode of idol as we speak airs tuesday

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2496 days ago

Putting the narration on ellen d's first episode of idol as we speak airs tuesday


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TXrangerJohnH 2492 days ago

NOT looking forward to Ellen DEGENERATE's debut on American Idol tonight.

whoaitsdanielle 2494 days ago

i want your job.

VicStiX 2495 days ago

Idol wasted great chance to have her on during auditions though. She would have been SO FUNNY with the CRAP singers. LOL

AmandaxXxMarie 2496 days ago

Ellen will bring American Idol so much more amusement. I would take your job any day to work with Simon, Randy and Ellen :). Ellen is my favorite talk show host and her dancing is astounding!

Ryans01superfan 2496 days ago

Hey Ryan u neve stop working your butt off do u that's why i love you to pecies soooooo much can not wait to see ellen degenress on tuesday i will defenatley be watching her & you too you drop dead georgous delicousley yummy juicy little georgia peach you

cookie_0777 2496 days ago

cool!! cant wait to watch it..

lindseyau 2496 days ago

ok.....ellen is going to bring HUMOR to the show she is so funny and original!!! i think she is going to do AMAZING!!!!

elbons 2496 days ago

oooohhhh....okay..sorry for judging...lol

Dianbonette 2496 days ago

@ Elbons : I wasn't pointing your comment especially ;) I was talking about comments posted before, or even to the many people, journalists who did judge when the news came out.

XxKrankyKathyxX 2496 days ago

hahahaha I think Ellen will do an amazing job, im excited to see her on there.

elbons 2496 days ago

Dianbonette, be nice or I'll sick Krankykathy on you...lol

elbons 2496 days ago

Oh yeah, thanks smittydove!

elbons 2496 days ago

No one has judged her..I said.."I Hope" didn't say "bet she does"- So mother bird..be sure your read before you judge, or comment out of line.
Ellen does have the rep for showboating....

Dianbonette 2496 days ago

How can you guys even judge Ellen without having seen her on Idol so far... It's unbelieveble how people can judge all the time. Liking it or not, just give her a chance and see how it goes. If you don't like it, change the channel.

smittydove 2496 days ago

"I hope that Ellen doesn't try and turn Idol into the "Ellen" show- AI is about singing, big breaks, not judge showboating, hey look at me, I'm funny or I dance-"
Couldn't agree more! I think her being on the show just doesn't make any sense.

XxKrankyKathyxX 2496 days ago

sorry:P stupid people just annoy the shit out of me. my name is KRANKYKathy.

elbons 2496 days ago

lol- oh...okay....

XxKrankyKathyxX 2496 days ago

hahahahaha perhaps :) Just spreading the love

elbons 2496 days ago


elbons 2496 days ago

Need a bar of soap for that mouth KK?