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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Ho Ch Mnh City, Vietnam. Oh, I miss pho noodle! #ISS

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1779 days ago

Ho Ch Mnh City, Vietnam. Oh, I miss pho noodle! #ISS


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beck007 1752 days ago

Thanks guy, best pic, it's my country

tranthucbkv 1755 days ago

thank you so much!!!

handsomeguy0988 1755 days ago

Pho, oh yeah! If there is a shuttle bus to there please let me know, I do it for free!

novrain10 1755 days ago

Welcome back someday! We have many other delicious foods! Have a nice trip up there! Chúc chuyến hành trình tốt đẹp!

anhvu1805_bn 1757 days ago

Oh! My city! It's amazing! Thanks you so much! If you finish your mission, will you remember our Pho noodle?

youcantwitme 1761 days ago

I love Pho noodles as well!

marcelosalinax 1764 days ago

I miss pho noodle too !

LuisaNievesIna 1767 days ago

Esta foto is linda e impresionante

Ka_Sato 1770 days ago

mee too. I also love.

Richiebuzz 1775 days ago

Hi There. Ah Saigon.last year we went there to cycle. And yess.. we had lots of Pho and springrolls! How's food in space?

nguyenlethanh 1775 days ago

Soichi typing "Ho Chi Minh" are false!he he

nguyenlethanh 1775 days ago

hello, i am from Ha noi, Viet Nam.
Ho Chi Minh city very nice!

trunghieunguyen 1775 days ago

Me too :P

loczombie 1776 days ago

thank you!!!Astro_Soichi. hochiminh city-my city very nice!!!

hungbac 1776 days ago

Thanks you !!! very very nice ! :X from Vietnam

meohu 1776 days ago

Happy new lunar year with a special thanks from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I love you.

Duy_Hoang 1776 days ago

Thank for sharing the nice photo, Soichi! Enjoy your work!

Paulo0007 1776 days ago

Hello! Very nice photos. Please send a photo of PORTUGAL-LISBON
Many Tanks, Paulo

nhlong03 1777 days ago

Hello Astro Soichi. I saw you in a video about NASA. I am Long Nguyen, 6 years old, from Vietnam. My dream is to be an astronaut, like you. Please let me know what to do to be an astronaut. I want to say Hello to all astronauts in ISS. My email is nhlong0

nhunet 1777 days ago

yeah, my home, pho is famous and my city is beautiful. Thanks, Soichi Noguchi!