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HAHA! I think someone may be have updated the wrong account over at @vodafoneuk

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2391 days ago

HAHA! I think someone may be have updated the wrong account over at


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Piyanuch_Model 2359 days ago

and you are both on notice to treat your customers better

Piyanuch_Model 2359 days ago

cut my broadband the other day i tweeted them and they dident even bother getting back to me

icklepickle 2386 days ago


Titschi 2387 days ago

My lovely mister singing club - Was für eine bezeichnende Panne :)

SEObySwaby 2388 days ago

Not sure what's worse...the slur or the improper use of the apostrophe?

Ostwestf4le 2388 days ago

Very bad... Uh....

pzumk 2390 days ago

Was für ein Fail..

blickfrankfurt 2390 days ago

Ja, das Handling von unterschiedlichen Twitter-Accounts sollte geübt sein...

blickhamburg 2390 days ago

Das is ja ein unglaublicher Vorfall. Pfui!

blickberlin 2390 days ago

Whatafun Vodafone – und tschüss, up and away, lieber Mitarbeiter, #Clooney kommt zu Dir

Nannuk 2390 days ago

Auweia VODAFONEUK, Sauereien mit Schreibfehler, voll daneben!!

rabidbee 2391 days ago

So they should apologise - apostrophe abuse is unforgivable!

Nunney2584 2391 days ago

ROTFL, me think someone is gonna get docked a week's pay at least.

rupertjones 2391 days ago

Yeah, Scott Bourne should know better. Pervert.

lesanto 2391 days ago

I think whoever did this did it on purpose, a parting shot on their last day maybe? Surely not accidental?

arrianne_ 2391 days ago

Oh my! One suspects someone is going to lose their job over this...

colmhowardlloyd 2391 days ago

A lesson in why you should never allow your staff to mix corporate and personal accounts in the same dashboard methinks!

willhowells 2391 days ago

Ouch. Massive corporate twitter fail there. (They've apologised. Profusely.)