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Creepy, what happens to snowmen in the rain.

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2395 days ago

Creepy, what happens to snowmen in the rain.


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seeldridge 2394 days ago

It's like you want to knock it down to spare your kids the horror, but it'll break their hearts to see it destroyed. Parenting is tough!!

MKCSCreations 2394 days ago

Poor thing-& yet worth taking a moment to see!

_Bryony_ 2394 days ago

I see SueBond saw the art in it too. However, I thought it loos more like on of the Cycladic figurines. :)

keiperj 2395 days ago

No,she had a boa,but Brad's hat(nice try,Brad)couldn't save her.

TahoeMtnGal 2395 days ago

Looks like its time to take down the Halloween decorations! Is that s giant spider wrapped around the snowman...or whats left of him??!!

DonnaLydaWht 2395 days ago

RT kimwilliamspais LOL!! Tx for sharing this funny pic. :)

SueBond 2395 days ago

It vaguely looks like the Venus de Milo statue if the VDM had started to melt...Thank goodness the Greeks didn't use snow to make their sculptures!

love_unexpected 2395 days ago

that is creepy!!

teribeth72 2395 days ago

If you need more snow, come on back to DC...we're gettin' a ton of it :)

MaggotStitch 2395 days ago

wait...frosty is a transvestite?! awww.

Sarah_Anders 2395 days ago

The Magic must be gone in that old hat.Where is the waving goodbye saying don't you cry?

TopBradFan 2395 days ago

Wow you have green grass there. We still have 2 feet of snow!

Cantrell_Amanda 2395 days ago

Snowman on slim fast

NikkiMcIntosh 2395 days ago

Awh you lost a cowboy.. but its Okay Kim, you still have your very own! ;)

cntrynurse 2395 days ago

But at least he kept some modesty...his hat is still on!! LOL

MyNamesAmber 2395 days ago

it's like..the snowman's ghost! lol

HealthyLife0818 2395 days ago

Wow! That is a bit creepy!