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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Singapore. Where is Mar Lion?

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2494 days ago

Singapore. Where is Mar Lion?


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nasu_kazu 2372 days ago


qwombat 2491 days ago

Welcome to Singapore... it's 'Merlion'

BeantownT 2493 days ago

That's Awesome!!

do6ben 2493 days ago

Thanks for the nice photo.
Please send Thailand picture next time.

chenviolet 2493 days ago

Thanks for the pic on Singapore!

MarlonGeneral 2493 days ago

wow man, it´s great!

luvbzJOY 2493 days ago


kui_singa 2493 days ago

シンガポール在住です。感動です!マーライオンはよく見えないけど、マリーナ・ベイのカラフルなスタンド席が確認できます!マーライオンは雲の右側あたりですね~。Thank You!

Pooh_Yokohama 2493 days ago

すご~い 次は渋谷のハチ公をねらってください

sinisterstories 2494 days ago

Thank you for the view of Singapore!

charlescornersg 2494 days ago

Amazing...Latest view of Singapore

bmw2681 2494 days ago

Phuket Thailand next time please. I wonder how it looks like from space.

xkiyora 2494 days ago

Lovely to see my Singapore~ im somewhere down here... =))

spau86 2494 days ago

FI-GA-TA in italian language!

grandesam 2494 days ago

マーライオンは 橋のたもと ちょっと白い棒の様なのかな?? w すごいですね。

marcoshreis 2494 days ago

♫And thanks for the memory
Of sunburns at the shore, nights in Singapore
You might have been a headache but you never were a bore
So thank you so much.♫

_prem_ 2494 days ago

Superb view!! m not able to stop myself from asking how India looks from there?

minshukuoyaji 2494 days ago


YAJIRUSIYA 2494 days ago


shiosho1111 2494 days ago

写真の右135度の方が南になりますね! 左上が北ですね。