Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Chris reminding me why I'm doing this.

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2932 days ago

Chris reminding me why I'm doing this.


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Torezen 2888 days ago

Thanks for the photo. Perfect time of the year to view it. Time to get started.

Letticewin 2890 days ago

Super composition--love shooting in cloudy weather. Damp down the F-stop and lower shutter speed and shoot great stuff. Great mood shot. The entire photo FEELS difficult.

___preston___ 2903 days ago

anywhere i can get this picture in it's full resolution?

downhillrider28 2926 days ago

Is that Ulrich still trying to keep up with you on the scooter??? After all this time you think he would have got the message!
Good luck for OZ

raywoodford 2927 days ago

Take it to them Lance, time to win again!

hktr 2927 days ago

GREAT PIC...!!! B&W. It'll make magnific inspirational Poster in my room, thanks Lance... GO.

hktr 2927 days ago

GREAT pic...!!! B&W. It'll make magnific inspirational Poster in my room.

downhillrider28 2929 days ago

Hey Lance, nice scooter. You will fit in well at the Giro with the Italian boys !
Good luck dude. You rock and such an inspiration. Livestong

mikeharris7 2930 days ago

because you need a helmet? Dork. ;) j/k - keep it up.

brendanmilliken 2930 days ago

Chris "Lance, c`mon, im doing a 1 handed track stand on a scooter here!!" lol!! Keep it up buddy, i can feel an awesome year for you in 2009

lauracbest 2930 days ago

You are AMAZING. I can feel the effort you're putting in from here. It has put my 1.5hr workout at the gym to shame:) Keep going. The world is behind you! x

xxiolla96 2930 days ago

That is an awesome pic ! Nice to see you on the bike again ! :)

mariedahlstrom 2931 days ago

Lovely picture. It tell us it all.

1leg 2931 days ago

T R Y the real this from Jack

tammymerritt 2931 days ago

will u train in SB this year? wish i could go to france to see u this year. i knew u would win in 1999, and took my first and only trip to france to see it. just do it, again:)! all the best.

sashamokatia 2931 days ago

Maybe he is telling you about the new Ruckus Scooter that you'll get to zip around the island with once you finish this ride. Notice they are everywhere!! Go Lance, feel us pushing you

gregbartley 2931 days ago

Props to Liz! Did I have a LA sighting a few years ago while training for one of the marathons jogging along the Albuquerque foothills?

seadit 2931 days ago Livestrong! (:I

manrique 2931 days ago

You're doing great Mister Armstrong, nothing but respect.

seadit 2931 days ago

We could all use someone like Chris! Thanks for to watch your progress and share in the ride :)
Live Strong!